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media monarchy episode210

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media monarchy episode210

Published March 18, 2011

media monarchy episode210"the toxicity of our city" on the 210th episode of media monarchy w/ the killing moon, nuclear winter, west coast fallout & the japanese meltdown - pdx boom, storming city hall, scanners, prices, hackers & haarp + no-fly newspurge, ides of march, terra mortis, magic mushrooms, copyright crackdown & the queen mum's record collection w/ supermoon sandman & xxplosivity songs from echo & the bunnymen, karl schwedler & a soad/dre mashup plus so much more...

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media monarchy on the portland radio authoritymedia monarchy is originally broadcast live on the portland radio authority, zero point radio & revere radio every friday at 10am pacific time...

and a huge thanks to free radio olympia, berkeley liberation radio, ground zero radio, one sky radio & others for rebroadcasting the show...

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echo & the bunnymen 'the killing moon' edit (audio)
beware the ides of march: from then to now
terra mortis - the advancing galactic wave
featuring guest: stephen smith on the 'electric quake'
media monarchy episode209b
episode019 - autodidactic self-liberation
episode020 - an illegal cure for cancer?
spanish murals show man used magic mushrooms 6,000 years ago
related pop occulture updates:
'book of mormon' musical called surprisingly sweet
pope john paul ii gets facebook page
white house wants new copyright law crackdown
related: dem rep intros bill to give dhs larger cybersecurity role
assange: internet greatest spying machine
related defcon updates:
nasa to use lasers to shoot space junk around earth
nytimes again seeks to charge for web news
'homefront': new video game features nkorean invasion of US
anonymous hackers release emails showing bank of america fraud (audio)
haarp busted in japan quake
wholesale prices rise due to biggest jump in food costs in over 36 yrs
related binge & purge updates:
japan nuclear crisis raises food, water anxieties
pepsi bottles: no more plastic
derry brownfield, legendary midwest farm broadcaster, dies at 79
more than you ever wanted to know about food poisoning, like e. coli, salmonella, listeria, botulism, etc
oregon officials: no public health risk from japan nuclear emergency
events in japan poses no health risk in oregon at this time
yet geologists say: japan-like quake could happen here
breaking news on the japanese situation -
updates from 3/14 @ 12am pacific time
video: nuke plant designer says govt suppressing crisis scale
"if there were a reactor meltdown or major leak at fukushima, the radioactive cloud would likely be blown out ... towards the US west coast" (audio w/ emergency broadcast network, nine inch nails & david mcallum)
emergency action alert: pacific coast of north america should brace for radioactive fallout
google's crisis response tracking page
infowars tracking page: japan's nuclear meltdown, aftershocks & fallout on the implications of japanese earthquake
japan tsunami & nuclear alert - live coverage from the guardian real-time tracking of US radiation levels
10k dead in japan amid fears of nuclear meltdowns
japan: new reactor blast unlikely to cause big leak
will japan be hit with multiple nuclear meltdowns in wake of tsunami?
explosion at reactor #3 confirmed, outer wall has collapsed
japan pm: crisis worst since wwii
volcano erupts in southern japan
meltdown at japanese nuclear power plant, a disaster waiting to happen
director of the domestic nuclear detection office: who is warren stern?
3/11, 'battle of los angeles' & earthquake, tsunami strike japan
predictive programming – japanese earthquakes
updates from 3/14 @ 12pm pacific time -
health officials predict no radiation risk in oregon from damaged japanese reactor
nuclear expert: radiation could spread to US west coast
japanese officials: nuclear fuel rods appear to be melting in 3 reactors
japanese government cover-up foreshadows mega-disaster
nuclear crisis highlights history of 'cover-ups'
radioactive releases at fukushima could last months
US carrier crew said to be exposed to radiation from japan
despite contamination, navy copters keep aiding japan
tokyo electric to build US nuclear plants: the no-bs info on japan's disastrous nuclear operators
the new hiroshima: part 1, deadly discovery
updates from 3/15 @ 11am pacific time -
video: reed prof says little to fear in oregon (audio w/ harmonic33)
fallout: eugene stores see a run on radiation exposure tablets
japan (less than) 48hrs away from nuclear disaster unless meltdown is stopped
reuters liveblog on japan earthquake
japan earthquake and tsunami: america on nuclear alert after fukushima explosion
russia's zhirinovsky calls on japanese to move to russia
14 reasons why the economic collapse of japan has begun
twilight language: supermoon rising
where are all the looters?
cia sends usaid to japan to manage nuclear disinfo campaign
updates from 3/15 @ 11pm pacific time -
don't trust the mainstream media? not sure what exactly is going on with japan's failing nuclear reactors? this article was written to hopefully answer those questions
27 signs the crisis is much worse than mainstream media or japanese govt tell us
logical assessment of japan's nuke disaster – faq
level 6 event: radiation levels soar as radioactive winds sweep toward tokyo
alert: fukushima coverup, 40yrs of spent nuclear rods blown sky high
you can stop worrying about a radiation disaster in japan - here's why
japan earthquake: potential radiation risk to california is downplayed
fukushima workers withdraw after radiation spikes
fukushima workers temporarily evacuate after radiation spikes
demand for anti-radiation drug surges
US govt blocking americans from obtaining potassium iodide?
haarp magnetometer data shows japan earthquake was induced
team of rivals: US, china come to japan's quake aid
updates from 3/16 @ 10pm pacific time -
un says radiation to hit US by friday
first radiation particles from damaged reactors likely to hit california friday
tokyo radiation levels 23 times normal
US navy detects radiation 200 miles from japan nuclear plant
international citizens radiation monitoring network to monitor west coast radiation readings
underground info on what's happening in japan - a dirty bomb waiting to go off
nuke pills top $200 per pack on auction sites; prices up 1900% in a few days
is this it? collapse & a new dawn triggered from japan
yen hits highest against dollar since '95 on radiation concern
US military blocks websites to help japan recovery efforts
updates from 3/17 @ 8pm pacific time -
will a nuclear meltdown in japan impact oregon?
video: radiation reassurance - releases from nuclear plant in japan pose no risk in oregon, health officials say at press conference (audio w/ massive attack)
officials say oregon safe from radiation
radiation risk – not much
oregon info line set up for questions about radiation
urgent radiation preparedness action items for california, oregon, washington, bc, yukon & alaska
video: un forecast 'diluted' radioactive fallout heading to west coast
US west coast boosts alert for japan radiation
feds deploy more radiation monitors in western US
tokyo passengers trigger airport detectors in dallas
japan radiation sets off o'hare airport alarms
faa, airlines monitor radiation plume over pacific ocean
seeking ki: the cdc needs to speak up
video: americans rush to the drug store in nuclear fallout panic (audio w/ kreidler & four tet)
magnetic monster: geomagnetic field reveals increasing danger of continent killing quakes
nuclear accident in US would cost taxpayers a fortune
nuclear reactor design caused ge scientist to quit in protest
pentagon coverup of data on fukushima disaster
japan reactor emergency passes three mile island on scale of nuclear disasters
video: US authorizes japan evacuations (audio w/ public enemy)
updates from 3/18 @ 8am pacific time -
epa: no health risk from radiation heading to california
rumors & misinfo create undue panic
mainstream experts predict radiation in US will be harmless
tsunami sinks dozens of boats…in california
japan's pm says nuclear situation 'very grave'
hopes fade for finding more survivors
japan weighs need to bury nuclear plant; tries to restore power
power line for japan reactor could come saturday
evacuation zones around the fukushima nuclear plant
ex-rad, the US military's radiation wonder drug
march madness & the western response to japan (audio w/ dosh)
karl schwedler aka charlie & his orchestra 'japanese sandman' (audio)
tsa records show some scanners emit ten times expected radiation
tsa admits bungling of naked body scanner radiation tests
related police state updates:
next step for airport security: scanners for your shoes
napolitano 'not aware' of dhs link to atf gun-running
fbi says 'sovereign citizen' cases on the rise
system of a down & dr. dre 'xxplosivity' mashup by totom (audio)
3/17 newspurge: the toxicity of our city
9/11 updates:
flashback: epa says air 'safe to breathe' on 9/18
9/11 chopper footage hits worldwide headlines while incriminating 9/11 foia videos ignored
more fines proposed for oregon chemweapons depot
pickering nuclear plant in ontario reports water leak
cover-up in canada: radioactive leak into lake ontario
video: section of california's highway 1 falls into ocean (audio w/ massive attack)
magnitude 4.3 quake detected on ontario/quebec border
usgs test explosives near san andreas fault
manassas, virginia simulates anthrax attack
83 rescued from ky eatery that floated downstream
remember haiti? cholera cases could top 750,000
update on redondo beach dead fish: toxins found in sardines that died by the millions
millions of dead anchovies float to surface on redondo beach
obama admin steps up anti-marijuana battle
illegal drugs found at nasa spaceport again
update: dc kids ingest cocaine at elementary school
corporate profits hit 18yr high
japan's meltdown & the global economy's
who in the world is going to buy the billions of dollars of debt the US govt is constantly pumping out now?
update: michigan passes 'financial martial law' bill
11th hour bid to stop gaddafi as US finally backs intervention
united nations approves war on gadhafi
behind the 2011 orgy of destabilizations: pre-emptive coups by the cia
cia contractor raymond davis freed after 'blood money' payment
'blood money' frees cia contractor from pakistan jail
bahrain declares martial law, sunni-shi'ite tensions flair
israel: new settlement housing after bloody attack
egypt's elbaradei: con-man in chief?
expanding US/mexico economic & security cooperation
twilight language: cia & mar17
fmr haitian president jean-bertrand aristide returns to haiti after 7yr exile (with a little help from foundation-funded friends & fronts)
"world's largest paedophile ring" uncovered: global paedophile ring smashed by british detectives as 120 arrested in uk
police send in robot to conofirm okc murder-suicide
video: ny bus crash that killed 14 under investigation
obamessiah updates:
house votes to defund national public radio
clinton's spokesman quits after questioning treatment of wikileaks suspect
video: fmr dem party officials face charges over a scheme to create fake tea party candidates (audio w/ kreidler)
video: white house worker falls into green-dyed fountain
oregon oddities:
#pdxboom: lightning, huge thunderclap lights up 911 (audio)
alpha turns off kufo's rock for kxl's talk
kxl portland adds fm simulcast
the portland loo, an innovative throne room
US plan military presence & ops in afghanistan beyond 2014
the snipers' story: 2 insurgents killed with 1 bullet
portland activists fighting fbi fake terror, storm city hall
video: jttf protesters storm into portland city hall
update: jttf debate delayed for third time by mayor adams
'very found of ska music': secrets of queen mother's record collection
related media/memes updates:
'the new production code': mgm scrubs china from 'red dawn' remake
'red dawn' take two: from wolverines to wimps
flashback: 'red dawn' remake starts shooting in michigan
michael moore's approval rating lower Than bush's during last month of presidency
neil diamond, alice cooper, love, tom waits, dr. john inducted into rock n roll hall of fame
bono & spielberg up for gorbachev awards
'the graduate's katherine ross wins restraining order against daughter
labour researcher married in las vegas, the very secretive mrs banksy?
michael gough, alfred the butler in batman, dies at 94
psychedelic icon owsley stanley dies in australia
nate dogg, west coast gansta/funk rapper, dies at 41
video: joe morello, legendary 'take five' drummer with dave brubeck quartet, dies at 82

(all bed music by doves unless otherwise noted)


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